Pet Stop of Virginia

As a Pet Stop® Professional Dealer, we offer extensive years of experience providing the latest dog fencing technologies combined with expert installation and unmatched customer service. We are life-long pet lovers too, so we understand the deep emotional attachment you have for your pet, which drives us to put your pet’s safety and happiness first.


Our training approach is truly unique in the containment industry. We use a low stress-positive reinforcement training approach that makes more sense to your dog than old style dog fence training. Because our approach makes more sense for the way dogs’ learn, dogs on our electronic fence system learn to run free faster and without the issues caused by old-style training methods.

The experiences we've gained by training hundreds of dogs of all breeds and temperments is sure to make your experience with Pet Stop® pet fence system second to none. You can count on it!

Invisible Fence® independent service solutions using Pet Stop® brand pet fences

We provide Invisible Fencing® trade in specials, as well as independent service and troubleshooting on Invisible Fence® containment systems, and replacement batteries for Invisible Fence® R-21 Computer Collar®. Pet Stop® brand batteries meet or exceed Invisible Fence® standards for thePowercap® battery.

We provide expert service on any brand pet containment system including Invisible Fence®, Pet Safe®, Radio Systems®,Dog Guard®,Dog Watch®, and Contain-A-Pet® brand installed systems as an independent contractor. We are only associated with Pet Stop® but are able to service all major brands.

Though we are not associated with Invisible Fence® brand, we share a common origin - Pet Stop® President John Purtell is none other than the original founder and president of Invisible Fence Company®! Together with former Invisible Fence® Chief Engineer Scott Touchton, and former Invisible Fence® Manufacturing Engineer Richard Kapolka, Pet Stop® brand is the most dependable, most experienced professional pet containment company in the industry.


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